Deep In Your Coral Caves (7 players)

…a cave-refracted seascape from Alastair Stout’s native Shetland.

Gramophone, 2002

...Deep in Your Coral Caves is an impressionistic study of marine phenomena, briefly achieving a Tippettian radiance before dissipating its energy...

The Classical Source, 2003

...poetry is the inspiration for this work, the title coming from the words of a poem by Charles Oakley: “Isles of the southern seas, Deep in your coral caves”. Here much of the atmosphere is created by the bass clarinet (played with authority by Andrew Mason) and percussion sounds: marimba, wood block, tambourine and glockenspiel. Debussy and Ravel are not far away and the scraps of melodies are passed between piano and strings. ...Alastair Stout responds instinctively to the images of the sea and incorporates tiny pieces of folk music of the Shetland Isles.

 Clarinet & Saxophone, 2006


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